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Privacy & Breach Risk Analysis

HIPAA Privacy has been enforced since 2003. Now you can finally automate your compliance with the standards.

Know You're Meeting Privacy Demands

HIPAA Privacy options are increasing because of the demand triggered by new inter-operability requirements.   Privacy compliance is required and associated with patient goodwill through the transparency of policies and adherence to ethics. To meet these demands, we designed the HIPAA One Privacy and Breach Notification Risk Analysis as a Gap Assessment with next-generation features to simplify, automate and highlight high-risk vulnerabilities with a real-world action plan.

We're Up-To-Date

HIPAA One Privacy and Breach Notification Risk Analysis is up to date with:

  • Phase 2 of the updated OCR Audit Protocol/HIPAA Audit Program

    We keep our ear to the ground and our software in line with audit program standards. 

  • State Laws

    California, Arizona, Montana, New York, Wisconsin, and Michigan state-laws, and more to come. State laws supersede the Federal rules for healthcare.

  • Best Practices

    Knowing all the right procedures isn't enough to ensure the protection of patient privacy, but it's an essential first step.

  • Health Insurance, Health Care and Business Associate profiles

    The interface is made for your industry.

  • Consistently Simple Interface

    Usability is paramount in our software. The tools and resources are simple and intuitive.

  • Maximum Automation

    We're dedicated to automating any security processes we can. Not only does this lend to less human error, but it also boosts real productivity.


HIPAA One's Compliant Seal

Once you have completed your Privacy and Breach Analysis, you may display the HIPAA One® Certified Compliant Seal on your website. This Compliance seal assures visitors that your organization has completed the necessary steps to work towards HIPAA compliance. Please contact us at for your Compliance Seal and Certificate to include on your organization's website.

Organization-Specific Privacy Profiles

Based on NIST 800-3 methodologies, all HIPAA One software options cover the current OCR’s Audit Protocol. We also do our “best effort” to include all state-specific privacy laws, which are more stringent than the federal rule. To ensure your organization has the relevant requirements, we have 3 distinct profiles to meet your needs:

  • Business-Associates

    Business Associates

  • Health-Insurance

    Health Insurance Plans

  • Health-Care

    Health Care

Regardless of your organization’s type, this is the one-source to test your Privacy requirements and provide step-by-step guidance on how to be compliant.









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Let HIPAA One do the heavy lifting for your company when it comes to compliance. Make us part of your team to stay up-to-date, stay automatically compliant, and most importantly, protect your client's information.


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