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HIPAA Security

Security is a necessity with laptop

Security is a necessity, NOT a luxury

Often, we are deluded in believing our security and privacy defenses have held when in fact, they haven’t even begun to be tested. When faced with an advanced, persistent threat, no one is immune.

Man-in-the-Middle Attacks

In their April Cybersecurity Newsletter, Office for Civil Rights (OCR) addressed an emerging threat known as “Man-in-the-Middle” (MITM) attacks. A MITM attack occurs when a third party secretly intercepts and relays the message between two parties who believe they are communicating directly with each other. There are several forms of MITM: Man in the Browser: …

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Fighting Ransomware: A Success Story

When the HHS Office for Civil Rights released the HIPAA guidance on ransomware in the summer of 2016, collectively the health care community sat up and took notice. The guidance (found here) outlines various activities required by HIPAA that assist organizations in the prevention and detection of threats. One of the key activities listed in …

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OCR’s Updated HIPAA Audit Program – What you need to know

With the pinnacle of patient breaches hopefully behind us (e.g. Anthem/WellPoint breach, Premera, Blue Cross, and others in 2015), it is clear the industry has struggled with proper security of our electronic health information (ePHI).  As such, the federal government has stepped in to ensure measures are in place to secure ePHI, abide by privacy …

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Demystifying HIPAA Security Risk Analysis

As a business owner, my professional conversations with physicians run the gamut, from how my business services can solve their problems, to exchanging ideas and best practices, and offering support in starting and growing a business. I get the feeling that physicians running a medical practice often feel like they have a target on their …

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HIPAA One Releases Privacy Risk Analysis

After releasing the HIPAA One Security Risk Analysis, we received exceptional feedback on the product and how much our clients appreciated the simplicity and automation provided by the product. We have been committed to expanding our solutions and add products to be “all things HIPAA”. With the launch of the Privacy Risk Analysis, we now …

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Meaningful Use Attestation Extended!

Instead of “hoping” not to get audited, consider this:  your organization can have guaranteed compliance with HIPAA One® because CMS has extended the Meaningful Use attestation period to February 29, 2016! Good news – with the mixed-bag of recent news from CMS, the boat has not yet left the dock!  If you conducted a “last-minute” …

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HIPAA Security for Meaningful Use : Myths and Facts

After you spend enough time in one position, role or subject, it is human nature to assume for a fleeting moment others know what you are “geeking” about.  This is particularly true when it comes to Meaningful Use and to “Protect electronic health information created or maintained by the certified EHR technology (CEHRT) through the …

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6 Laptop Security Basics

If you work in IT and HIPAA compliance you understand that laptop security is a leading threat in the rising number of HIPAA breaches. Many of us watched the “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” and walked away concerned about our decision to use Microsoft’s “free” BitLocker solution with Windows 10! Despite the “Hollywood spin” of spies …

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Implementing HIPAA’s Security Rule Safeguards — Part 2: Physical Safeguards

In part one of this three-part series, we discussed what HIPAA’s Security Rule’s Administrative Safeguards require and why these safeguards need to be implemented. In today’s post, we’re providing the same type of overview with its Physical Safeguards. The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services defines physical safeguards as the “physical measures, policies and procedures …

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