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Common Vulnerabilities and Exploits

Security is a necessity with laptop

Security is a necessity, NOT a luxury

Often, we are deluded in believing our security and privacy defenses have held when in fact, they haven’t even begun to be tested. When faced with an advanced, persistent threat, no one is immune.

Ransomeware Attack

Ransomware: 3 ways to protect your organization

We at HIPAA One want to share a few ways we see organizations are vulnerable and get hacked. Take action after reading this blog to protect your organization from being the next target.

Fighting Ransomware: A Success Story

When the HHS Office for Civil Rights released the HIPAA guidance on ransomware in the summer of 2016, collectively the health care community sat up and took notice. The guidance (found here) outlines various activities required by HIPAA that assist organizations in the prevention and detection of threats. One of the key activities listed in …

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7 Ways Employees Can Help Prevent HIPAA Violations

There are several qualities of working in healthcare that are not dissimilar from other careers in other industries. You need to come into work on time, work hard while clocked in, get along with the other staff members, be a good representative of your company and so on. But there’s one aspect of working in …

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5 Most Common HIPAA Privacy Violations

The HIPAA Privacy Rule was put in place to provide rights to access and amend our protected health information, appropriate disclosers and help reduce fraud, waste and abuse. If your facility and its network aren’t HIPAA compliant, the costs may be significantly higher than taking action. Penalties could result in millions of dollars in fines …

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HIPAAOne statement on Heartbleed

HIPAA One Heartbleed update: You are probably aware of the Heartbleed Bug. This vulnerability is in the OpenSSL cryptographic software library (CVE-2014-0346 / CVE-2014-0160).  There has been a tremendous amount of media coverage due to the severity of this bug. This bug enables someone to read the memory of systems protected by vulnerable versions of …

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