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With the ever-changing government rules regarding HIPAA compliance, the process of becoming HIPAA compliant can seem daunting, confusing, and time-consuming. Many regulations that were in place at the time of your analysis last year may now be outdated or changed.

However, as you know, it’s vital to adhere to HIPAA compliance requirements to avoid the severe consequences that can result from a security or privacy breach. Health providers, plans, and clearinghouses have a legal responsibility to the patients and entities they serve to keep records private and safe from those without the authorization to view them. To ensure optimum patient record security, health care companies must conform in every way to standards that keep sensitive physical, software, and network information secure.

Requirements for HIPAA Security and Privacy Compliance

It’s not enough for office managers and those in charge to understand the rules for HIPAA security compliance; each employee must be trained and educated in the procedures that safeguard patient records, from locking computers that are not in use, restricting storage equipment and staff areas only to authorized personnel, and keeping sensitive patient information from prying eyes and ears. Even one accidental slip can lead to a security breach, which in turn can lead to costly fines.

Benefits of HIPAA One Compliance Software

Many health care professionals are still used to the HIPAA privacy compliance process taking days to complete, and taking hours away from other important tasks. With HIPAA One’s software, this process is streamlined to a simplified, user-friendly online procedure that cuts the time down to hours. Clients have the option to complete the HIPAA compliance analysis on their own or to upgrade to receive on-site help from qualified professionals.

Reliable HIPAA Help From HIPAA One

Since 2012, HIPAA One has been a leader in HIPAA security and privacy compliance software and support, serving all 50 states. With our automated software and online support, we help clients in the process of becoming both HIPAA security and HIPAA privacy compliant.

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