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Today, healthcare is bloated with administrative processes and complex regulations. At HIPAA One, we are passionate about disrupting this trend by striving to keep our Security Risk Analysis (SRA) tool as simple as possible. We take our user’s feedback and requests to heart and in doing so, are always thinking about how we can continually improve our solutions and services. At the end of the day, we understand that by streamlining our SRA process, our users get more of their greatest treasure back: their TIME.

We embrace simplicity by working with our software developers and asking the tough questions: “Where can we reduce clicks?” or “What steps in our Risk Analysis are NOT necessary?” Our steadfast commitment to removing the mundane and repetitive aspects of a SRA, continues to propel us to the head of the automated HIPAA software pack.

Recent Updates

As part of our ongoing software updates, we have furthered our commitment to reducing redundancy and improving remediation planning. The last round of updates, version 2.6 s7 is all about “click reduction” and automating additional aspects of Risk Analysis.

Inventory Removal

Our current software users probably recognize the word “Inventory” as it was a key step when entering the information necessary to complete an SRA. After much testing, we realized we could remove the Inventory section of the software being that that the survey questions cover the same controls. In the event of an audit, the Inventory can be easily found and displayed by downloading the supporting documentation provided during the SRA.

Example: The following screen no longer appears within our software (per location):

Remediation Planning

One purpose for completing an SRA is to understand your organization’s deficiencies and create a plan to remediate those items.

We recently added numbers to the remediation steps/items so they match up with the Action History within the tool. This seemingly small step can add up to a major time savings for our users. Along with that update, we’ve also beefed up the functionality around delegation of roles when a completed assessment goes into the remediation planning stage.

Our software users will also find a link has been added to display the question which triggered the gap and risk-analysis in the remediation planning stages.  This allows for greater ease while planning remediation tasks by providing the context (along with any notes or attachments) from the survey question right there on-the-spot.  We removed four clicks-per-remediation item with this improvement.

The following screen shows the corresponding link used to instantly display the question that spawned this risk:

Next Steps

If you’re reading this and still completing your Risk Analysis with spreadsheets let our “Turbo Tax like” software shoulder the burden of this work. We have one goal and that is to streamline your Risk Analysis so you can extract maximum results with the least effort.  Combined with our industry-leading Audit Support Team, you are assured the support needed to succeed.

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