Meaningful Use Stage 2 – What You Need To Know!

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have EHR Incentive Programs that provide financial incentives to health providers who prove they are meaningfully using certified EHR (electronic health record) technology. These monetary enticements are only given to those providers who meet the required objectives in each stage of participation.

The Medicare and Medicaid Incentive Programs are arranged into three different steps. CMS set up a timeline for when providers need to meet the criteria for each stage. Eligible hospitals, critical access hospitals and healthcare professionals must meet their specific core set and menu set of objectives in Stage 1 before they can move on to Stage 2.

meaningful use stage 2

Stage 2 objectives are divided up between eligible professionals and eligible hospitals and critical access hospitals. EPs have 17 core objectives they must meet and then three menu objectives they select and meet out of a list of six. The eligible hospitals and CAHs have 16 core objectives to meet, as well as three menu objectives they select from six options and then are required to meet.

It’s extremely important for providers to meet the meaningful use requirements in order to receive the EHR financial incentives. With the Medicare program the eligible providers can receive up to $44,000, while they can receive up to $63,750 with the Medicaid program. It’s also important because EHR technology is so beneficial to healthcare providers. EHR systems make patient health records and information instantly and securely available to approved users, whenever they need it and wherever they might be. EHRs also improve care coordination among all clinicians involved with a patient’s care, increase cost savings and help build a healthier, better future for our world.

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