Penetration Testing and Ongoing Threat Management

Identify and Manage Security Vulnerabilities in your Network

In this age of sophisticated hacking and cyber-attacks, it has become necessary to ensure your organization’s security systems are secure for fending off opportunistic or well-targeted and systematic attacks. Due to the ever-changing nature of network and database security issues, ongoing vulnerability management tends to be a constant challenge for all organizations. By implementing Penetration Testing and other “vulnerability detectors”, organizations can identify gaps between the possible threats and the existing controls they have in place.

Benefits of an Ongoing Threat Management System:

  • Detect and identify assets in an IT infrastructure
  • Categorize IT assets by critical levels (servers, workstations, printers, etc)
  • Detect existing vulnerabilities using network scanners and vulnerability scanners on a scheduled basis
  • Determine appropriate risk levels
  • Provide descriptions of vulnerabilities as well as links to patches and other forms of remediation
  • Generate a host-based reports, customized for your organization’s needs to assess compliance level against the applicable security policies

Offerings Include:

  • Assurance Services
    • Web/Desktop/Mobile Applications
    • IT Infrastructure
    • OT Infrastructure
    • Source Code Review
    • Compromise Assessment
    • Red Teaming
  • Security Management Services
    • Gap and Fit-Gap Analyses
    • ISMS Development and Implementation
    • Business Impact Assessment
  • Information Security Training Services
    • Penetration Testing
    • Live Hacking Awareness
    • Secure Software Design / Development
    • Digital Forensics
    • Security for IT

Partnership with TwelveSec

We offer penetration testing services through our long-standing trusted partner, TwelveSec. TwelveSec is an information security firm specializing in assurance, security management and information security training services. By working together, our service includes a penetration test performed by an international team of testers and security experts who simulate attacks from an outside and unauthenticated user-account perspective, including participants and administrators.

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