Delivering Greater Control: Recent Software Enhancements

What is something all healthcare professionals want more of? If you answered TIME, you’re probably right. In an industry driven by quality service and quick turnarounds, it is easy to find ourselves desperately short on time.

As healthcare continues to embrace technology to expedite and eliminate manual processes, has your workplace benefited? What software solutions has your organization implemented?

In an effort to continually improve our software and stay current with regulatory changes, we recently we updated our HIPAA Security and Privacy Risk Analysis software (we’re calling it v.2.6.) In summary, v.2.6 simplifies user management and unifies assessments under one or more entities/organizations.

Our recent software enhancements include time-saving features that allow users to manage their staff permissions and assessment data unlike ever before; thus saving time, effort and money.  In doing so, users may grant access to custom report pages to specific team members and independently manage permissions for all employees. Going forward, users will no longer need to contact our Audit Support Team for administrative updates.

Additionally, assessments can be moved in and out of different organizations making complex parent-child entity management easy.  This update is important for organizations of all sizes, whether you work for a hospital managing hundreds of clinics or a small holding company managing subsidiaries, partnerships or banner-companies.

The recent enhancements also include expanded remediation planning processes and the ability to supersede state regulations. Stay tuned for more enterprise-friendly features that streamline and significantly reduce the cost of managing dozens or hundreds of locations. For more information on v.2.6 or to experience our software first hand, Contact Us.

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