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The OCR will enforce 180 requirements. We will help you understand each requirement, and how to achieve compliance and maintain it.  We created this doughnut analog to illustrate how the rules are grouped by HITECH, Privacy and Security.

OCR v2.0 Graphic

Below, we list our consulting and software solutions available for potential clients and business-partner relationships:

Security Risk Analysis

To learn more about our HIPAA Security Risk Analysis software, click here.

Privacy Risk Analysis

To learn more about our HIPAA Privacy Risk Analysis software, click here.

Breach Notification Risk Analysis

Automated BNRA and per-incident risk management solution coming soon!  Contact us for more information.

Vendor Management Solution

To learn more about our Business Associate Management Solution, click here.

External and Internal Vulnerability Scanning

To learn more about our Vulnerability Scanning software, click here.

Penetration Testing

To learn more about hiring us to certify your platform per the OWASP ASVS, break into your systems, and/or ensure secure programming configurations, click here.

Online Trcoming soonaining

Fun, gamified HIPAA Compliance training served via LMS to engage all levels of the workforce.  We offer:  HIPAA Security & Privacy awareness that matters!
Health Insurance and Business Associates coming soon.  Please contact us for more information.