As a rapidly growing SaaS company, we appreciate the accolades we have received for our solutions and services. We’re thrilled about the BIG things happening around us everyday and want to share some of our industry highlights.

Check out some awards we’ve won, review our latest press releases and hear what our customers have to say about our automated software platform.


1/3/2017 – “Top EMR and HIPAA Blog Posts of 2016” – Our “Quality Reporting” blog was selected as one of EMR & HIPAA’s most popular blogs for 2016.


1/1/2015 – “5 Ways to Disrupt a Dying Industry” by Bubba Page. HIPAA One® was recently quoted in an Inc. article, highlighting firms that disrupt industries. Specifically, we are given as an example of streamlining and simplifying processes.

1/1/2015 – EPIC Ventures’ Hot 100 Award
– The UVEF team has recently awarded HIPAA One® the EPIC Hot 100 most buzzed about companies in Utah hot100under 5 years old.

Press Releases

2/7/2017 – HIPAA One Debuts Enhancements to Automated HIPAA Software Platform “We continually strive to improve our software and stay current with regulatory changes,” said Steven Marco. “With this new release, HIPAA One users can quickly and easily manage their employee’s access and assessments which in turn saves time, effort and money.”

6/15/2016 – Ready, Set, Audit.  “HIPAA One is the first Compliance Company to be up-to-date with Phase 2 of the OCR’s Audit Program.” said Steven Marco.

5/24/2016 – HIPAA One releases Privacy Risk Analysis – “Our users and partners spoke, and we listened. Users want to get a quick foundation on what needs to be done for HIPAA Privacy. We now have an OCR-compliant, state-aware privacy solution that covers the remaining portions of the Audit Protocol that is simple, automated and affordable.”

11/7/2012 – Northern Idaho hospital announces new HIPAA security strategy to ward off data breaches  – “With medical practices showing increased concern for protecting patient information, Kootenai Health announced today that it will partner with Modern Compliance Solutions LLC, to ensure patients’ records are properly protected using HIPAA One”