HIPAA One® Introduction

HIPAA One® takes the complexity and guesswork out of HIPAA Security Assessments — reducing liability, improving security and automating HIPAA Security reporting.  This means health plans, health care, dental offices and business associates can benefit from maximum results but put forth little effort, since the program automates complex audit calculations and time-consuming report-writing tasks. The program’s user-interface makes it easy to navigate for any administrators—both those without any security experience as well as seasoned security experts.  HIPAA One® has collaboration features through delegation, step-by-step videos, instructions and an intuitive process guides you through each step of the HIPAA Security Risk Analysis. It is also flexible enough to work for any size organization —from large integrated health networks to vendors and smaller-medium sized clinics and hospitals.

HIPAA One® has been used to pass numerous Figliozzi and Office of Civil Rights audits.  By automating the documentation required for Meaningful Use and showing compliance with the requirement to conduct a periodic HIPAA Security Risk Assessment, you are guaranteed compliant.  Click below for a brief video introduction to HIPAA One®.

Executives & Doctors

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Covered Entities & Auditors

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HIPAA One can be purchased to assess any organization’s HIPAA safeguards immediately. We include the NIST 800-series based workflow, Nessus Professional Feed Vulnerability Scan – a $1,500 value – and Policy and Procedure templates to help you get started if you need them.  A system and security assessment may be completed quickly within just one day—an unheard of speed in the HIT field.

The ongoing remediation plan is provided on a per-task basis, per-individual basis with due-dates. Each person may independently log-in to HIPAA One® and easily update their own remediation plan items. Thereby negating the need for a full deployment coordination effort. Unlimited users, weekly reminders, downloads of the report and access are included at no extra fees or hidden costs. Next year’s updates are even quick and easier using HIPAA One®’s import feature.

Superior Service and Support

Our certified Auditors and staff are available to conduct onsite, remote risk analysis consulting or support your self-assessment during normal business hours.   Using HIPAA One® can greatly improve your position in responding to audits, reduce risk of data breach and help establish what is required to be HIPAA-compliant.

Get Started Now with a Self-Assessment

Login to HIPAA One and purchase online directly by following these steps:

  1. login to http://login.hipaaone.com to create your account (or login with your account if you already have one):
    Step 1 - Create Account
  2. At the main menu screen, press the “Start an Assessment” button:
    Step 2 - Start Assessment
  3. Select your organization type, and any additional ePHI system and locations (hover over for more information):
    Step 3 - Shopping Cart
  4. Choose your preferred payment method, or contact us below if you would like onsite consulting or to bundle other services with monthly billing:
    Step 4 - Payment
  5. Receipt is emailed, and start your self-assessment!
    Step 5 - Begin Assessment
    Assessment Checklist

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