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We work tirelessly to provide the best HIPAA Security software and professional services in the industry.  Owned and maintained by Modern Compliance Solutions, HIPAA One® was designed from the ground-up to be the most simple, automated and affordable software solution.

Our goal is to be the resource for seasoned audit professionals looking for 3rd party assurances and those who seek a solid foundation in HIPAA Compliance for their organizations.

Listed below are some organizations currently using HIPAA One®.  Please click on the link related to your needs and learn more about how we can help:

The Bottom Line

Here’s the bottom-line when it comes to your situation regarding HIPAA Security Risk Analysis:

  1. If your Security Risk Assessment is over a year old or it is fraught with manual processes; call us this month;
  2. If you are tired of spreadsheets and static Security Risk Assessment PDF reports; call us this week;
  3. If you are a Covered Entity or Business Associate and have never conducted a Security Risk Assessment; call us today; or
  4. If you have received your OCR or CMS pre-audit survey; call us yesterday!

Our Professional Services:  Exceptional Consulting using an all-SaaS Delivery

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HIPAA and HITECH Security Risk Analysis Software & Audit

To learn more about our HIPAA Security Risk Analysis software, click here.

HIPAA, HITECH and Your State-Specific Privacy Risk Analysis & Audit

To learn more about our HIPAA Privacy Risk Analysis software, click here.

External and Internal Vulnerability Scanning

To learn more about our Vulnerability Scanning software, click here.

Penetration Testing and Application Source-Code Review

To learn more about hiring us to break into your systems, and ensure secure programming configurations, click here.

Breach Risk Analysis

There are 3 phases to Breach Risk Analysis:  1:  Determine if a breach occurred, 2: Determine risk of harm to the individual(s) affected, 3: Provide notice to appropriate state and/or federal agencies along with state-specific notification to affected individuals.

Our Technology: The HIPAA One® license includes:

  • 1 year of access to our SaaS platformHIPAA OneTM Certified Seal
  • Nessus Professional Feed® Vulnerability Scan
  • Policies and Procedures Templates
  • $100,000 Breach Assurance 
  • Automated Risk Analysis, documentation and reporting
  • Unlimited users and remediation updates
  • State, Federal and Best Practice updates
  • Access to our Certified Audit Support Team
  • Web site “Certified Compliant Seal”
  • All data exportable to PDF or .csv file
  • and much, much more!

HIPAA One® is owned and developed by Modern Compliance Solutions, Inc.

HIPAA One trainingWe use HIPAA One® internally every day for our own clients.  We search for bugs, (misspelt HIPPA – did you spot it above?) improvements and ways to make the software more intuitive.  All data centers are housed in the USA, data never leaves US shores.  Our development team is in Lindon, UT and is constantly testing and developing HIPAA One® to ensure the best and most-consistent end-user experience.  Here are some fundamentals of our software:

  • Simplicity:  After conducting hundreds of HIPAA Security Compliance and Risk Analysis, Steven Marco, Founder of HIPAA One®, dreamed of automating the reporting needed for each assessment.  Since 2012, HIPAA One® has been evolved to automate as much as is humanly possible.  The result is a workflow that focuses on the user  answering simplified questions, reviewing the results and involving others in their organization to help.  HIPAA One® is the one-stop shop for SRA, remediation planning and ongoing risk management activities.
  • Compliance:  Developed from the OCR’s Guidance on HIPAA Security  & OCR Audit Protocol, Texas House Bill 300, NIST SP 800-series, HSR Toolkit, HHS SRAT and HHS Spreadsheets our clients have 100% success in responding to OCR and Figliozzi audits.  We update the software each time a change in legislation, regulatory mandates and breach data trends are released.
  • Automation: Threat identification, threat agents, vulnerability analysis, likelihood, impact and risk calculations are all automated.  Add, simple Reflexive Question Engine (RQE), remediation plan, multi-user/departmental access, reporting and documentation retention.
  • Efficiency:  Small clinics can complete their own HIPAA Risk Analysis is less than one day, larger organizations will save days, weeks and months of mundane, time-consuming report-writing using HIPAA One®’s automation.
  • Resources:  Built-in HIPAA Compliance Features, answering “No” to any Policy and Procedure questions gives basic framework for developing your own documentation.  Contact our support team anytime at for extended support and service.

Contact us at 801.770.1199 or via email at today for a free initial consultation and review of your previous HIPAA Security Risk Analysis.